Parent Govenor Request

Would you like to help Trinity Academy Newcastle be the best it can be?

My name is Zoe (you may have seen me at celebration events and parents evenings) and I am one of the directors. This means that I volunteer to work with academy staff to make sure that the young people at Trinity Academy Newcastle get the best support they can. I was the parent of a Trinity learner for eight years and I have been a director for the last four years.
We are looking for parents and carers who might be interested in working with both staff and directors like me in a new local advisory group in the academy.
As parents and carers, the path for our children coming to Trinity Academy Newcastle is different for us all, but along the way we have all built up a lot of experience of our children, schools, the local authority, EHCPs and a whole lot more, none of which has been easy. This does mean we can bring an important and really helpful point of view to the plans and performance of Trinity Academy Newcastle.
There are some reports to read and meetings to attend. The biggest part is probably asking questions (like Why? What difference will this make? What other things have we thought about before deciding this is best? How did it go? Why did that happen? What changes can make it better?) It is really interesting to see ‘behind the scenes’. I had never worked in a school before and there was lots to learn, but there was lots of friendly support available to help me find my feet.
The best part for me is when I see things in the academy that I know I have played a part in shaping, and how this has made a difference.
If you may be interested in getting involved and would like to chat, please get in touch by contacting the Governance Officer on 0191 2986950 Option 5 or
Zoe Edmonds