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Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors

It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm welcome to Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust offers excellent facilities and opportunities for its learners, many of whom come from very challenging backgrounds. The Trust takes pride in offering its learners the best possible support during their time in the Academy and in helping them to prepare them for life after school. The Trust offers many varied and unique facilities for its Learners to help them to achieve their full potential in the future.

During the last decade, and in particular, the last four or five years, the ‘Educational Picture’ of the country has changed very significantly. There are many challenges on the road ahead, especially with pressures to take on increasing numbers and the impact of decreasing funding through the Government’s forthcoming Higher Needs funding proposals. The Board of Directors will continue to work closely with the Trust’s leadership team to meet these challenges and to take the Trust forward as an excellent example of an outstanding setting for the type of specialist provision that it offers.

The Board will also support the Trusts leadership in taking the Trust forward as a new Multi-Academy Trust (MAT). As the new MAT develops, we will look to welcome other schools into our Trust and share the best practices and techniques for the benefit of all our Learners and their families.

Peter Carter
Chair of Board of Directors


Peter Carter - Chair of Board of Directors

Trinity Academy Newcastle,
Condercum Road,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 8XJ


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Articles of Association

The governance arrangements for Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust are laid down in the Articles of Association, which describe the powers of directors and the procedures and rules of the Board of Directors.

Funding Agreement

The funding agreement is the contract the Academy Trust has signed with the Secretary of State to become an Academy Trust and specifies how the Trust is run, its duties and the powers the Secretary of State has over the Trust. The Funding Agreement is the method by which all academies are held accountable to the Department of Education.

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