About Us

Trinity Academy Newcastle Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust which incorporates a Pre-16 Special Converter Academy (Trinity Academy Newcastle), a Post-16 Converter Academy (Trinity Solutions Academy), one private limited company (Trinity Post-16 Solutions Ltd) and more recently a sponsored Academy (Trinity Academy New Bridge).

This year, a new relationship, sex education and health curriculum element is required as part of the personal development education provided to learners at Trinity Academy Newcastle Multi-Academy Trust. Due to the impact of COVID 19 and the need to reintegrate our learners back into education, much of this has been delayed. However, this will now start taking place.

As part of our drive to continually consult with parents/carers around their child's development and to make you fully aware of your rights around the relationship, sex education and health curriculum, we would like to invite any questions or suggestions you may have.

Please contact your Academy for further details.