Online Safety

Parents & Carers have supported Trinity Academy Newcastle MAT so well throughout the pandemic and for those of our learners who have accessed online learning, your support has been greatly appreciated. To support our learners further, I bring to your attention the following information:

  • Your child accesses online safety lessons when they are at Trinity to make them more aware of how to conduct themselves safely online
  • We have a system ‘Smoothwall’ that monitors computer activity across the Trust, that alerts a team on levelled ICT incidents and deal with them in a timely manner – these could involve, for example, online bullying and we want you to be confident that our team are very well prepared to tackle and support any incident that may arise.
  • We have a CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection) Ambassador who actively supports learners in times of need and liaises with organisations that aim to prevent and support any negative online incidents. We also post information from the National Online Safety organisation weekly onto our website and Facebook pages.
  • We want you to know that you can contact us to discuss, in confidence, any issues or concerns you may have about online safety with your child.”